Desired cook

Welcoming and cooking for guests at home is wonderful. Even better when you can devote yourself entirely to your guests and leave the kitchen to a professional chef.


Cooking is both my passion and my profession. As a chef with a federal certificate of competence, I am happy to offer my services on a small scale at your home as a sturgeon chef. Whether a birthday party, housewarming, dinner party or a private family celebration, I will help you to make the occasion unique.


Just call 055 414 60 30 or mobile 079 649 82 72 and we can start with the planning.


From a simple aperitif, to a variety of finger food buffets, to a multi-course menu, everything is possible. The dishes are prepared fresh and seasonal. Here are some examples:

Cold Apéro "Schwyz" CHF 11.50 per person*:

  • Käse-Früchtespiessli von der Einsiedler Milchmanufaktur
  • Innerschwyzer Sushi
  • Zwäcken-Joghur-Gemüsegläsli

Cold Apéro "Special" CHF 12.50 per person*:

  • Rauchforellenmousse im Blätterteigkissen
  • Gemüsetatar auf Pumpernickel
  • Käsepralinen mit hausgemachtem Chutney

Cold aperitif "Ticino": CHF 12.50 per person*:

  • Rohschinkengrissini
  • Oliven-Dattelspiessli
  • Kräuter-Fogaccia mit Tomatendip

Warm aperitif "simple and good" CHF 10.00 per person*:

  • Schinkentäschli
  • Mini-Pizzen
  • Lauch-Käse-Quiche

Finger food buffet "autumn" CHF 48.00 per person*:

Meals cold:

  • Kürbis Crème brûlée
  • Bio Siedfleisch-Aspik
  • Käse-Früchtespiesse
  • Mostbröckli-Gemüse Tatar

Canapés warm:

  • Einsiedler Ofetuurli
  • Bio-Fleischbällchen
  • Mini Poulet-Saltimbocca
  • Marronisüppchen mit Sbrinz

Sweet morsels:

  • Schoggiküchlein
  • Orangen Panna cotta
  • Lebkuchen-Mousse
  • Gebackene Apfeltaschen


* plus a flat rate of CHF 150.00 for delivery and service

Example menu "Bella Italia" CHF 49.00 per person*:

Trutello Tonata


Gefülltes Schweinsfilet




Tiramisù mit saisonalen Früchten


* plus a flat rate of CHF 350.00 for whole menus This price includes delivery, service and cleaning of the kitchen.